Marrakesh in New York

16 Mar

Did I mention that after Paris we will be spending a week in Morocco? Oh, well we’ll be spending a week in Morocco this June. We are obviously both very excited about this and intrigued by all the different smells and sights we will experience.

Before even deciding to go to Morocco, both Hibb and I always loved the idea of a Morocco inspired room in our house. We’ve never really had enough space… until now.

Turns out we’re going to have an extra room in our apartment soon and the only thing we could think to do with it, is create our version of a Berber tent. It’s not quite time to start laying down rugs (hopefully we will come back with one or two from our trip), so for now we’re just looking at inspiration.

Take a look











(all photos found from a simple google image search. no links sorry.)

But Not Me

15 Mar

First page of a letter home from Kurt Vonnegut Jr during WWII found here


On page two reads
“On February 14th the Americans came over, followed by the R.A.F their labors killed 250,000 people in twenty-four hours and destroyed all of Dresden –possibly the world’s most beautiful city, But not me.”

We are all thankful for that Mr. Vonnegut.

While In One or Two of These Apartments

14 Mar

I hope I will be wearing this

Paris Is For Lovers

13 Mar

Part of our big trip coming up this summer involves two weekends in the city of lights.

Instead of renting us a hotel room I’ve decided to get us two different apartment rentals through AirBnB. It’s hard to pick just two when they’re all so lovely and romantic.










I can taste almost taste the wine and cheese already.

I Heart You

7 Mar

In God We Trust Sweet Nothing Necklace


Madewell Heart Tote


Anthropolgie Heart Charm



Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

5 Mar

I just had four inches cut off my hair. To some this may seem like no big deal, others may gasp knowing the difficulty one can have in cutting any large amount of hair. My hair is still by no means short, mouths don’t drop when I walk into my now very regular studio, but it feels shorter to me. Not just shorter, lighter. It is making me feel lighter. It feels amazing. And it has opened the door to more hair possibilities.

I’ve said for years that once my hair hit my butt or I turned ____ I would cut my hair off all the way to my chin. Now that I am knocking on the door of that very age, I’m wondering if I really will go through with it. Most people insist I can’t. They make a big stink about how I can never cut my hair. Nine out of ten people have as strong of a reaction as they might if I said I was cutting their own hair. I even had a photographer say to me, “If you cut your hair, Hibbard is going to break up with you.”

Thankfully, since I’ve already cut a good hunk, that is not true. Hibb  is one of the few people who is AOK with whatever I want to do to my hair; cut it, dye it, shave it. But I wouldn’t put my money on shaving if I were you.

I have been thinking about dyeing it though.

How do we feel about ombre or blonde tips? Is it too little to late to try to jump on this bandwagon now?

I just feel as though I could use a bit of a pick me up, and if I’m not going to cut it all short, won’t a little touch of blonde make me feel fun in the summer ending my twenties?

It will still be my hair in texture, length (that it is now), and style, but just a bit of sunshine added in. But I would need to make sure it didn’t end up looking like this

That would be bad.

Or it can still all just come off into a short little bob…

It is just hair. It grows back.


I Do Dream in Color

2 Mar



Black Beans and Parked Cars

1 Mar

In an attempt to get “back on the workout wagon” I went for a run outside the other day and somehow ran into a parked car. Yep, you read that right, I ran into a parked car. What can I say. What I can say is that cars are dangerous and leave marks…

Big marks

Big bruises to be exact.

I pulled my bruised self through though and managed to make another meal for me and Hibb last night.


It was loosely based on this easy version of Cuban Black Beans by Martha Stewart.

I started with chopping the basics

  • one onion
  • one red pepper
  • one green pepper
  • one garlic clove

Then I sautéed them all with some olive oil over medium heat for about ten minutes

I added two cans (too many) of black beans, one small container of vegetable stock, and some cider vinegar as well (don’t know about this for the future) and cooked that all for another ten minutes

I mashed the beans a bit to help thicken it up.

Meanwhile our rice cooker worked on our Basmati rice.

And in a total of half an hour dinner really was ready

I garnished it with some shredded cheddar cheese, half an avocado, and some cilantro (which Hibb picked off).


Poor (Wo)Man’s Nicoise Salad

29 Feb

We are lucky enough to have a small vegetable and fruit stand a mere few feet away from our front door. So on days when I can’t even make it around the corner to a grocery store, I can simply run out to this place or stop by on my way home and pick up the basics for an easy salad.

Last night all I needed was a box of mixed greens and we had my version of a Niscoise salad

  • organic mixed greens
  • red bell pepper
  • cucumber
  • organic cherry tomatoes
  • red onion
  • canned tuna fish
  • one perfectly hard boiled egg (not shown)
  • potato chips (since I didn’t have the time to roast potatoes)

The finished product was easy, somewhat healthy, and incredibly delicious.

Didn’t Make It To Oscars?

28 Feb

Maybe next year.

If so, and you’re a gentleman please read this article from the New York Times about How To Wear a Tux


You can’t all look like Clooney…

But you can try.